Hello fans of the Friends of the Ravines! Thanks for coming here to follow our discussion at this blog. I have always loved the mountain ravines – their difficult climbing routes and steep terrain. It reminds me of the steep learning curve I have been working through when it comes to learning about what on earth to do with what little money I have in savings.

In a blink of an eye, any savings that a person has can be gone. Actually, we pretty much went through that a couple of years ago due to an illness in my household. If it hadn’t been for what little coverage we have via the Affordable Care Act, we probably would lose pretty much everything (hospitals don’t forget that you owe them money – and it takes a LOT to work on special financial plans with them).

Talk about being in a precarious position on the side of a steep cliff. Actually it almost has me in a little bit of feeling sorry for myself and getting ready to cry over my situation as I remember it, and think about how little progress I have made.

But rather than just jump into the ravine, I choose to work on staying on top – or at least doing what I can to scramble up the sides to reach at least a bit of an overlook where the view isn’t so dismal.

So, let’s learn about what we can do to try to build ourselves up, and avoid dwelling in what can become an un-attainable trek to the top.